Les Fleurs - A.S.L

In this new episode, Gwenaëlle Grandjean, landscape designer and founder of Atelier Lamarck, reveals her universe.

Gwenaëlle works hand in hand with architects, botanists and gardeners.

For A.S.L she delivers more personal work such as her Indian ink drawings, sketches or watercolors, and especially her very large herbariums, wild flowers collected in the mountains of Haute-Savoie.

"I find it interesting to have new mediums to express a poetry form. I do it in the gardens, but doing it also through line work, drawing, herbariums, it's a way for me to convey a certain sensibility."

Functional and versatile, A.S.L objects are designed to last. Beautifully made, they are designed by craftsmen with admirable know-how.

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